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"Simply Safety! is absolutely awesome and everyone is very impressed with its capabilities. We will definitely be referring this program."

Coverall Pipeline Construction

"Simply Safety! is definitely usable! Thanks! Your team did a great job!"

DRE Oilfield
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Safety Training Software Features

Track People, Safety, and Training!

Simply Safety! Software Program
The main menu screen offers summary information and rapid access to other modules.

Safety Training Control Center
A comprehensive Injury module lets you easily track employee incidents and generate OSHALogs.

Safety Tracking Program
Graphing and reporting tools let you spot trends and take remedial action before losses occur.

For Simply Safety! Info:

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Modules/features include:
  • People
  • Training Management
  • Injuries
  • Claims
  • Generates OSHALogs
  • Injury Statistics
  • Property Damages
  • Linked Documents
  • Powerful HR Type Features
  • 401K / Pay Tracking
  • Create Expiry Alerts
  • Power Graphs
  • Reports
  • Work Orders
  • Corrective Action
  • Safety Meeting Tracking
  • Toolbox Meeting Tracking
  • Contractors
  • Safety Observations
  • Security Incidents
  • Air Quality
  • Courses
  • Medical Tests
  • Respirator Fit
  • Protective Equipment
  • Safety Data Sheets
  • Instant Notify
  • OSHALog Generation
  • Absenteeism
  • Displinary Actions
  • Vehicle Service Tracking
  • Expiry Alerting System
  • Team Security Login
  • SQL Server Database
  • Automatic web upgrades
  • Networkable/Citrix Enabled
  • Simple-to-use Interface
  • "All In One" Software!
  • Resides on your Network

System Requirements:
  • MS Windows OS
  • 100MB Disk Space
  • T1 or faster connection for network operation
  • Call for full specifications
  11410 Kingston Street, Suite 202 Maple Ridge BC  V2X  0Y5  Canada
  Phone: 604.620.4702 PST     Toll Free: 1.800.862.9939     Email: info@simplysafety.com
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