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Level of Care field is not displayed

When viewing the first entry page, the Level of Care field does not show a drop-down list of choices.

If you attempt to view chart data from the results listing page, you get the following error:

Data is Null. This method or property cannot be called on Null values.
Line 318: if (myReader.Read())
Line 319: {
Line 320: Result = myReader.GetString(0);
Line 321: }
Line 322: //’ Close the connection (will automatically close the reader)

Source File: d:\Websites\AEMS_DemoWebsites\AEMS_Workplace_V4\DrillDown.aspx.cs Line: 320

This is cause by 1 or more entries in the setup being empty. (Either the Label or Description is empty.)

Use the configuration utility to correct the information found in the ‘Level or Care’ setup list.

in Incident Analyst



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