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Here's what our customers are saying about CCD Systems

With over 1200... we are confident that our software is fulfilling the needs of our clients. Read below to see how some companies feel about their experience after using our products

The biggest advantage of this software is to have everything organized and at your fingertips, even hard to track data like PPE issued, job skills, site statistics and inspections.

The fact that the system automatically alerts you to virtually anything expiring in the database saves me a great amount of time.

Keeping accurate records on a worker's previous injury claim allowed us to have a questionable claim refused, keeping our costs down.

Overall, I'd say the Simply Safety! tracking software program saves me time by making me more efficient and prevents worry about liabilities.

It has become the central point for all the HSE software information I track. Prior to Simply Safety! this I used several different programs. Being on a network allows other managers to securely login and input or simply view safety tracking and training information.

With increasing legal risk, due diligence and record keeping has taken on a much higher management priority.

Here are a few practical observations about tracking data with EHS software. First, safety inspections and audits don't scare me anymore. In fact, I think they are a bit intimidated when I can print off a list of anything safety related instantly. Data is hard to argue with.

I'm very pleased with the responsiveness of the people at Simply Safety!. They have been extremely helpful in making the application work for us in different provincial jurisdictions while at the same time keeping a central, national focus. The safety tracking software is easy to use and the technical support has been excellent. Simply Safety! is a tool that is allowing us to track our safety efforts and maximize the effectiveness of our safety program.

Sleeman Breweries

Customer since 2001

Overall, Simply Safety! is a great product and I would buy it again. The good parts outweigh the bad by a mile. The new documents ability in Inspections is the cat's meow. We are already using the new ability to attach electronic inspection documents to observations. Also, I really like the add course wizard in the training module.

Jordan Forest Products

Customer since 2007

This safety tracking program (Simply Safety!) has been a great help in tracking training, crewtalks and for gathering statistics.

City of Burnaby, BC

Customer since 1998

Brought in primarily to manage training, it soon proved to be an invaluable resource. We use it to track all the audit items required in our C.O.R., incident and corrective action tracking, as well as provide instant analysis and data for pre-qualification with our clients through companies like ISnet and Complyworks.

BFL Energy Services Ltd.

Customer since 2011

I have been in the safety business for over 20 years and I find your system very user friendly. And because of Simply Safety I am easily able to track information on each employee past and present. This system has allowed all users to be able to, within moments, access safety records, names, phone numbers, etc.

Kel-Gor Ltd.

Customer since 2014