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    • Add an Exposure Record

      Add an Exposure Record

      Exposure records are created when the ‘Body Fluids Exposure’ checkbox is selected as the injury sub-type of the injury record in Incidents > Injuries. A related record is saved in this sub-module, where the data can be expanded as appropriate.

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    • Edit an Exposure Record

      Edit an Exposure Record

      1. Double-click the appropriate record or select it and click ‘Edit’.
      2. The ‘Blood and Body Fluids Exposure’ window will appear, open to the ‘Exposure Source’ tab.
      3. There are three tabs at the top of this screen: ‘Exposure Source’, ‘Baseline Testing’ and ‘Follow-up Testing’. See below for more detailed information about these tabs.
      4. Enter the required information, moving through the tabs as necessary.
      5. Click ‘Save’ when complete.

      Exposure Source Tab

      On this tab, enter information related to the source of the exposure, the person who lost the blood or body fluid exposure.


      Baseline Testing Tab

      On this tab, enter baseline testing information for the person who was exposed to the blood or body fluid. The required information is similar to the information on the ‘Exposure Source’ tab.


      Follow-Up Testing Tab

      On this tab, enter information related to any follow-up testing that is required for the person who was exposed to the blood or body fluid.

      The tab is divided into sections to incorporate various time periods for follow-up testing, ranging from six weeks to twelve months. As well, you can enter the results of the follow-up testing in this tab.

      The required information is much the same as in the ‘Exposure Source’ and ‘Baseline Testing’ tabs.

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    • Print in Exposure

      Print an Exposure Follow-up Test Request

      1. Choose a filter, if applicable.
      2. At the top of the browse screen, select a follow-up test period ‘6 week’, ‘3 month’, ‘6 month’ or ’12 month’) from the drop-down menu.
      3. A print preview will appear. Double-check the information.
      4. Click the ‘Print’ icon on the ‘Print Options’ toolbar. If the ‘Print Options’ toolbar is not visible on the print preview screen, right-click on the report to view the print options menu.
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