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    • Add to the Calendar

      Add Corrective Action Items to the Calendar

      NOTE: To schedule a corrective action item to repeat at a specified interval, do so through the Corrective Actions sub-module.

      1. Right-click the appropriate date in the calendar.
      2. The ‘Add an Action Item’ window will appear. Fill in the appropriate fields.

      To include the corrective action item on future Meeting records:

      NOTE: Corrective action items are only included on future meeting records for the Region and Site to which the corrective action applies.

      1. Click the ‘Record in Safety Minutes’ checkbox on the ‘Corrective Action Item’ record window.
      2. Populate the ‘Date Added to Safety Minutes’ field to determine which safety meeting minutes the items will appear in.
      3. The corrective action item will appear on the ‘Actions’ tab of each new Meeting record for the Region and Site for which the corrective action item was created.
      4. To stop the corrective action item from appearing on future Meeting records, open the relevant corrective action record and populate the ‘Don’t Display in Minutes After’ date field. If this field is left blank, the action item will appear indefinitely in new ‘Meeting’ records for the related Region and Site.
      5. The action item will now appear on the specified date on the calendar, and a related record will also be saved to the Corrective Actions sub-module.
      6. Click ‘Save’ when complete.

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    • Edit a Calendar Event

      Edit an Event

      1. Double-click on a color-coded date.
      2. An ‘Incident’, ‘Action’ or ‘Damage’ window (or a combination of the three) will appear, depending on the events related to that date.
      3. Double-click the event to be edited, or select it and click ‘Edit’.
      4. The appropriate screen will appear (Ie. ‘Edit an Action’, 'Edit a Damage' or ‘Injury Record’). Make the appropriate changes.
      5. Click ‘OK’ when complete.
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